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SongTree syntax for custom column or group

git repository : on github and sourceforge. See this mini-guide on using git to get the latest gmusicbrowser version in the wiki.
IRC : #gmusicbrowser IRC channel on Freenode.

Future development versions will be announced on the mailing-list gmusicbrowser-announce (RSS feeds are available via gmane)

New gtk3 beta : gmusicbrowser- (released on 30-07-2020)

gtk3 beta for debian/ubuntu

Important: It's currently best to use the git version, either the master branch (beta version using gtk3) (latest zip snapshot) or the v1.1.x branch (latest version using gtk2) (latest zip snapshot). It's very easy, just download the zip snapshot, unzip, and run "perl". The gtk3 version has some sizing and icons problems but is otherwise very usable and stable, though you will need different libraries than for the gtk2 version. You can currently switch back and forth between the gtk3 and gtk2 version with no problem.

Latest _outdated_ stable version : gmusicbrowser-1.1.15.tar.gz (released on 20-08-2015)

1.1.15 deb for debian/ubuntu
repo for openSUSE 12.3(OBS page)
1.1.7 rpm for mandriva
1.1.7 rpm for fedora.
1.1.7 package for zenwalk
1.1.6 gentoo ebuild, ebuild for git master branch
1.1.8 package for arch linux
ochosi has set up this ubuntu ppa which tracks git master. Note that it contains some small changes from my branch, in particular the default layout and icons.