Presentation of some nice but not very intuitive features

(Note that this page only describes the default layout, other layouts are available, including all-in-one-window layouts, in the "Layouts" tab of the settings dialog)

Player window

screenshot of the small window

Browser window

(the filters in the browser window have no effect on the playlist)

screenshot of the browser window

Tray icon and tray tip window

If you have the gtk2-trayicon perl bindings installed, gmusicbrowser will put an icon in the tray : tray icon.
With it, you can : In addition gmusicbrowser can display a popup window next to the tray icon when changing song or when the mouse hover over the tray icon. This popup window is fully customizable like the player and browser window. You can change between the few included layouts in the Layouts tab of the settings dialog.
The tray tip window works exactly like the player window, that means it can be used to select a song from the album by clicking on the song title, or even any song from the library by clicking on the artist name and right-clicking on the chosen artist and album...

Two examples of tray tip layouts :
screenshot of a simple tray tip layout screenshot of a complex tray tip layout

Weighted Random mode

You can choose/edit a random mode by right-clicking on the sort indicator.
This screenshot shows a complex random mode with 4 visible rules, that I will explain to try to make it a bit more understandable.
screenshot of a weighted random mode

For each rule, a score between 0 and 1 is computed, if the inverse checkbox is checked, the score is replaced by 1-score. The weight is then used to calculate the final score: final_score=(1-weight)+score*weight so that a with a weight of 0.10, the final score will be between 0.90 and 1, that is it can reduce the chances by at most 10%. That way you can make a rule less important by setting a low weight for this rule.
For each rule, an example with the current song is displayed, showing the value used in the rule and the final score for this rule.
The global score for a song is calculated by multiplying all the score obtained by each rules. At the bottom of the dialog, you can see the global score for the song, and the distribution of the scores for the current playlist.