gmusicbrowser - translations

The translation template is po/gmusicbrowser.pot in the .tar.gz, it is generated by running the po/ script.
For the first time, you should copy po/gmusicbrowser.pot to po/$LANGUAGE.po and edit it. (replace $LANGUAGE by the 2-letter(or more) code for the language)
You can edit it in any text editor, or use a translation software like gtranslator, poEdit, virtaal or lokalize. If your translation software doesn't do it automatically, don't forget to fill-in the header fields (date, name of last translator ...), and change the plural form line if needed.

Some strings have special fields, like '%d' or '{word}', that must be present in the translated string (don't translate words between {}).

To use the translation file you must generate the .mo file, by running msgfmt -c -o $LANGUAGE.po, and put either in /usr/share/locale/$LANGUAGE/LC_MESSAGES (for installed version) or in locale/$LANGUAGE/LC_MESSAGES/ for non-installed version.

To update your .po file to a new version, run msgmerge -s -U $LANGUAGE.po gmusicbrowser.pot with the new gmusicbrowser.pot. This will create a new de.po that may contain a number of entries marked #, fuzzy, they are guesses that should be checked, as they can be good or totally wrong. (or add the -N option to msgmerge to prevent it from guessing)

Kbabel can show where in the code the string is used, it can help sometimes. For this to work it must be launched from the main folder of the uncompressed tar.gz : kbabel po/$LANGUAGE.po &

This site can be of interest to translators :

You can check the latest translations in the po/ folder of the : git repository.
You can get recent .po and gmusicbrowser.pot files for the master branch on this page.
Don't hesitate if you have questions...