Contributed icons and layouts
layouts documentation NEW: updated for latest v1.1.11 version
SongTree syntax for custom column or group

git repository : on github and sourceforge. See this mini-guide on using git to get the latest gmusicbrowser version in the wiki.
IRC : #gmusicbrowser IRC channel on Freenode.

Future development versions will be announced on the mailing-list gmusicbrowser-announce (RSS feeds are available via gmane)

Latest stable version : gmusicbrowser-1.1.13.tar.gz (released on 06-09-2014)

1.1.13 deb for debian/ubuntu
repo for openSUSE 12.3(OBS page)
1.1.7 rpm for mandriva
1.1.7 rpm for fedora.
1.1.7 package for zenwalk
1.1.6 gentoo ebuild, ebuild for git master branch
1.1.8 package for arch linux
ochosi has set up this ubuntu ppa which tracks git master. Note that it contains some small changes from my branch, in particular the default layout and icons.

You are strongly encouraged to backup your music collection if you edit tags in m4a files, as it has not been widely tested yet.
Layouts settings (such as window/panel/column sizes, displayed columns, ...) from previous versions (v1.0.x or v1.1.1) will be wiped, due to a redesign of the widget option system.

New features in v1.1.9

  • add a few layouts and small fixes to some contributed layouts
  • improve songs-from-album menu
  • mpris2 plugin fixes
  • m4a tags fixes : use disk instead of disc tag, use both "┬ęgen" and ";genre" to save genre
  • fix lyrics3v2 tags ignored
  • write to all tags when multiple id3v2 tags are present
  • fix "presenting" window not working in some cases
  • LabelToggleButtons widget : add hide_unset option to hide labels that are not set for the song
  • add SongInfo & PictureBrowser widget
  • add expand_weight layout option
  • add hover_layout_pos option to control position of hover_layout popups (see this commit)
  • song properties dialog : add "plus" button to the widget that edit labels/genres/...
  • Filterpanes : add "reverse order" option to the sort submenu
  • fix recovering song properties of previously removed songs
  • use version field in a few more places
  • cover finder plugin : update google image parsing
  • make a few scrolledwindows request a minimal height (fix problems with ubuntu scrollbars)
  • desktop widgets plugin : make it possible to remove widgets whose layout is missing
  • improve the way the default window used by some fifo commands is chosen
  • add -noplugins and -listplugins command line options
  • add support for field aliases (can be used in search or in format string), example : "by" for "artist"
  • create field aliases from translation of "artist", "by", "album", "from", "title"
  • small change to gmb plugin header format so that it is a valid POD syntax, old format still supported
  • artistinfo plugin: restrict auto-fill-similar mode to songs from playlist
  • translations updates : Korean, Russian, German, French, Portuguese (Brazilian), Italian
  • beginning of new translation : Dutch

  • New features in v1.1.8

  • finally updated the filter edition and description system to the new fields
  • cleaned-up included layouts and added a few contributed ones
  • lyrics plugin updates, including option to load/save lyrics in the tag
  • update artistinfo plugin, which now features a similar-artist queue mode)
  • add albuminfo plugin
  • use Gtk2::StatusIcon instead of Gtk2::TrayIcon for the trayicon
  • add option to specify mplayer executable (for mplayer2)
  • cover finder plugin updates
  • make length check for mp3 configurable, and changes to song check progress code
  • saving tags and options when not quiting is now done in a fork
  • add pre-amp to gstreamer's equalizer
  • add -backtrace command line option to show the backtrace of every warning
  • Capitalize each word tool : now capitalize after every non-letter rather than any space
  • create categories for fields and improve song info dialog
  • add style and theme as optional fields
  • add ReloadLayouts command and button
  • simple search syntax improvements
  • add QueueInsertSelected command to insert selected songs at the top of the queue
  • FilterPanes: add hscrollbar option to deactivate horizontal scrollbar
  • mpris2 plugin : add option to remove gmusicbrowser from the ubuntu sound menu
  • export plugin: gmusicbrowser no longer freeze while running custom commands and not using "$files"
  • m4a files : small fix for alac-encoded files so that they get audio info
  • simple_http : http header clean-ups and support for gzip-encoded content
  • translations updates : russian, korean, german and portuguese
  • new translation : italian

  • New features in v1.1.7

    loads of small bug fixes and small new features (see git log for more details)
    some highlights : new layout options :

    New features in v1.1.6

    New features in v1.1.5

    New features in v1.1.3

    New features in v1.1.2

    New features in v1.1.1