see also the screenshots of the user-contributed layouts, the most recent can be found in customization forum.

Default layout :
screenshot of the default layout

Some of the included alternate layouts (You can change the layout in the "layouts" tab of the settings dialog), these are just examples of what can be done with the layout system (see also the user-contributed layouts) :

screenshot of the SongTree screenshot of the Lists, Library and Context layout screenshot of the layout 'Search & Queue' screenshot of the layout 'itunes-like' screenshot of the layout 'Queue, Library & Context' screenshot of the layout 'with queue' screenshot of the layout 'with tabbedlists'

Examples of lyrics and wikipedia context views, in a stand-alone window or included in a layout :
screenshot of the wikipedia context view in a stand-alone window screenshot of the lyrics context view included in a layout

Mass-tagging dialog :
screenshot of the mass-tagging dialog'

Examples of the cloud mode and the mosaic mode (You can change the mode in the options submenu of the right-click context menu) :
cloud mode mosaic mode

Two examples of tray tip layouts :
screenshot of a simple tray tip layout screenshot of a complex tray tip layout